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Click the logo above to explore the Alternative Education Resource Organization - a wonderful resourse for articles on alternative ed and connections to progressive schools around the country

Click the logo above to explore the Institute for Democratic Education in America.


Click the picture above to watch a group of fiery teens from Albuquerque spit some spoken word poetry crying out against our broken education system. 


Click above to view an amazing presentation by Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation. You can view two other inspiring TED talks by Sir Ken here and here.


Click the picture above to learn about the Independent Project - an amazing group of students who created their own school within a school.


Watch Athens native, filmmaker Astra Taylor, speak on "the unschooled life".


Click the picture above to watch an interview of the late John Holt, who founded the modern homeschooling movement and coined the term unschooling.


Ever heard of hackschooling? Well, here's your chance to learn. Click the picture of Logan above to learn about this alternative educational path that lots of kids are choosing.


Check out Unschool Adventures, an organization founded by my friend Blake Boles that gives unschooled teenagers the opportunity to travel around the world. Blake has also written two awesome books about high school and college unschooling.


Click the pic above to see Alfie Kohn speak against the traditional notion of "academic rigor" and "raising standards". Alfie is a prolific author and spokesperson for non-coercive education and parenting. To find his books and other presentations, check out his website here.


Watch prodigious child author Adora Svitak tell the TED conference what adults can learn from children.


Click the pic above to read John Taylor Gatto's acceptance speech for NYC Teacher of the Year in 1990. He shocked all in attendance by using the moment as an opportunity to give a scathing critique of the American public school system.


Click the picture above to hear Deborah Meier's take on the role of education in forming democratic habits.


Peter Gray's book Free to Learn describes the essentiality of play in a child's education. Click above to hear him present a strong anthropological argument for free, unstructured play as the truest and oldest form of learning. 


 Check out Summerhill, the oldest free school, founded by A.S. Neill in 1921. Want more? Check out Albany Free School, Sudbury Valley School, or North Star Learning Center.


In the above video, Noreena Hertz questions the role we allow experts to play in our decision making. Who really knows what's best for your child? (Spoiler alert: it's you!!!)


Parents, did you know that you can opt out of standardized testing for your child? Click above or join one of these facebook groups to learn more: Opt Out of the State Test or Opt Out Georgia.


Click Sandra Dodd to learn about radical unschooling.


Watch this brief video in which Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, discusses the harmful effects of removing nature from our educational approach.


Click above to watch a presentation by Gever Tulley, founder of The Tinkering School - a radical approach to education that gives new meaning to "hands-on learning". You can find links to more of Tulley's talks here. I especially like this TED Talk in which he reimagines education.


Check out Daniel Pink's revolutionary ideas on what truly motivates us. Do we really need to carrot and stick our kids to get them to learn?


A reminder of why we do what we do. It's to cultivate creativity, creativity like that of this amazing kid who designed his own cardboard arcade.