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The Tab article by Albane Seguin, 2016

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Blog by FTGU mom Ginger Castillo-Stickney, 2013



"Thank you so much for believing in my child. She thinks that you and the other mentors are just about the greatest people alive. All of you have restored her faith in grown ups. I cannot tell you how much this will help her in her adult life. Lora, you and the FTGU staff are creating a new world and it is such a wonderful one. I think the FTGU posse is really a group of angels on a divine mission! Ya'll rock!!!"

"What FTGU has given my child and our family is impossible to put into words. We are just incredibly grateful, and the growing pains that we have witnessed over the years at FTGU, watching things improve, change, etc. will not even come close to what it has offered in helping our child to find his voice, shape his character, and to learn how to love, appreciate and trust himself and others. Thanks For EVERYTHING!"

"I want to say how wonderful it has been for both of my kids, being at Freedom to grow Unschool. How wonderful this learning experience has been! Never saw my kids so happy, so enchanted about going to school, having lots of friends, no bullying, teachers do not yell, teachers do not punish but talk about constructive ways to approach difficult issues, lots of nature walks everyday... Lots of art, science and love of learning! Thank you Lora and Nicole for such a wonderful school!" 

"Have to brag on my little lady. She has been "unschooled" for two years now, and some people (including us at times) questioned if she's learning at the same level as public school. Soooo, we had her take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, and the results are as follows: Reading at 11th grade level, language usage at COLLEGE level, and math at 7th grade level. (She's technically in 5th grade). We are extremely proud of her and thrilled with our decision for unconventional learning. It's not for everyone, but I'm thankful that it works for her! We love you, Lora and all the other mentors at FTGU!"

"Change has been an amazing force in our life over the last two years...and some amazing things have happened when our family chose to step outside the box and try some new things. Freedom to Grow UnSchool has changed the direction and flow of our daily lives. Our days are sweeter having you in them!! I am thankful each and every day for FTGU!!"

"I am grateful that my children aren't measured by a standardized test, I am grateful that they can pursue any interest they have with curiosity and creativity without limits of time or what anyone else says they "should" be learning. I'm grateful that my daughter can sing me a song in Japanese and that my son can be in the woods exploring the wild. I am grateful that they are getting to know who they are and what they like without the need to fit into any mold. I am grateful for Teri Cole-Smith for introducing me to this world for my children and to Lora Smothers for carrying on Teri's dream at Freedom To Grow Unschool."