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We believe...  

  • all children can learn and that all children want to learn
  • learning should be self-directed
  • with freedom comes personal responsibility
  • children's opinions and feelings matter - a lot
  • a noisy room usually means that a lot of kids are engaged and learning
  • the world is our classroom
  • knowledge - of art and emotions, of our bodies and geometry, of the natural world and the social world - is interconnected  
  • in encouraging imagination and creativity and that sometimes this is messy
  • we learn best when we are allowed to have "Aha!" moments on our own
  • in encouraging (not forcing!) others to expand themselves and try new things
  • physical movement is a crucial part of life
  • children should be outside as much as possible
  • families are the primary vehicle of education
  • Most of all, we believe having it all is possible!